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Chapter 2: Transportation Equipment Hauling Supplies and ...

As with tipper trucks dump trucks haul materials and dump their loads quickly. Gravity plays a role in their operation but motors raise the automatic unloading device. The dump truck has an increased capacity for material and per axle can carry 20000 lbs. Typically dump trucks take part in earth-moving operations and haul soil.

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Types of trucks and trailers and what they carry

You may need special certifications (e.g. hazardous goods) depending on which type of products you transport. Large tanker truck Small water tanker truck used to keep dust down during road works. Tippers or dump trailers: tipper trucks usually transport building materials such as aggregates and sand. They can tip backwards or sideways ...

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What Are Tipper Trucks Used For? - Motorward

Dec 15 2020 · Tipper trucks are widely used on construction sites to move large volumes of earth and groundwork materials such as sand aggregates and hard-core around the site. They offer an easy way to unload loose building materials without the need for a labourer to spend hours shovelling and moving the materials. If you sustained injuries because of ...

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