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The Cost of Overweight Fines by State

Aug 16 2018 · Last year the Rhode Island State Police issued a $57000 fine against Bay Crane Northeast for carrying seven times the maximum load on a flatbed truck. Rhode Island has one of the highest fines for overweight tickets in the nation. A truck company can be fined $65 per pound for overweight loads up to 10000 pounds.

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You asked how Connecticut ' s criminal penalties for the operation of overweight trucks compare to the penalties imposed by Massachusetts New York and Rhode Island.. SUMMARY. Connecticut Massachusetts New York and Rhode Island all enforce maximum truck weight laws through fines. There are no laws in any of these states that explicitly provide prison terms for maximum weight violations.

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Who's Responsible for an Overweight Violation?

Nov 08 2017 · When you look at the fines for an overweight violation it usually works out to about $1.00 a pound overweight after a certain point. So if you are 10000 pounds overweight your fine could be $10000 if convicted. Your best chance to avoid those kinds of fines is to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. The best method for a trucker to avoid an ...

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